Annual Renewal

Annual Renewal

MRTs must maintain their license with NSAMRT, the regulator, to practice in Nova Scotia. To do this they must renew their registration with the NSAMRT every year. 

NSAMRT's registration period is Jan 1st and expires on Dec 31st each year.

Registrants will receive renewal information by e-mail in September of each year. Renewals can be completed online from Oct. 1st to Nov 1st by clicking on member login under the member tab. Renewing after Nov 1st  is considered a late renewal. Those that do not renew by Dec. 31st each year are considered lapsed and are no longer licensed to practice as an MRT in Nova Scotia. Renewal of license after Dec. 31st is no longer possible, individuals must go through the reinstatement process.  

Please Note:

As per section 8(1)(e)  of the Medical Radiation Technologist  Act, every member of the Association is required to pay the annual membership dues to the NSAMRT.  In addition as per section 10(1)(a) of the ACT, all MRTs in Nova Scotia must also maintain registration with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologist (CAMRT). The renewal fees for CAMRT will be collected by NSAMRT on renewal and forwarded to CAMRT.