NSAMRT Registration

All MRTs must be registered with the NSAMRT to legally practice in Nova Scotia. 

Registering with the regulatory body demonstrates that the individual respects the public’s right to safe, competent and ethical care, and recognizes the NSAMRT's role in supporting and monitoring practice.

All registered MRTs must renew their registration on an annual basis and ensure that all of their information on the association register is kept up to date.

To register, choose one of the following options:

Canadian Educated New Applicants (Standard Application)
Internationally Educated New Applicants
Applicants Currently Registered in Another Regulated Canadian Jurisdiction
Applicants for Reinstatement
Annual Renewal



Registration is mandatory for all practicing medical radiation technologist in Nova Scotia. You cannot begin working until you have received notification that your application has been approved. Completed Applications require up to 10 business days to be processed. The registration year runs from January 1st to December 31st annually.  Renewals with the NSAMRT open annually on October 1st and should be completed by  November 1st. Those that register mid-year will have dues pro-rated to December 31st.