Radiological Technology

Radiological Technology - Refresher Program

Program Overview - Introduction

The NSAMRT is pleased to announce the completion of a Radiological Technology Refresher Program. The refresher program consists of an Academic Component and a Clinical Component with objectives based on CAMRT competency profiles. Both components must be completed within a twelve-month period. The NSAMRT Refresher Program in Radiological Technology provides an opportunity for radiological technologists who have not practiced for a (minimum) five-year period to re-attain professional competence. Prospective candidates should verify that successful completion of this refresher program meets the requirements of the provincial licensing body for re-instatement of professional certification.

Program Objectives Include:

  • Attain/demonstrate current knowledge in radiological technology procedures, patient management, operation of equipment, radiation health and safety, digital advances and patient care/ethics.
  • Re-orient to the healthcare environment and the role of the radiological technologist in the healthcare team.
  • Practice competently within the profession, meeting competencies as specified in the CAMRT Radiological Technology Competency Profile.
  • Value the importance of continuing professional development.

Below is a copy of the program guide, application checklist, application form, and fees. If you would like to apply or have any questions please contact NSAMRT.

Radiological Technology Program Guide

Application Checklist

Application Form