Awards and Bursaries

NSAMRT Awards Program 

NSAMRT is proud to recognize our Members for the leadership and excellence they show in their contributions to the profession and to their communities. The call for nominations for the 2020 MRT Awards is now open. MRTs have a long history of providing leadership and excellence both within the profession and the community and NSAMRT needs your help to find those who deserve to be recognized. If you know an MRT who you believe qualifies for one of these awards, we encourage you to nominate them.

Any registrant in good standing shall be eligible for awards or bursaries except those who are members of the awards committee, or current members of the NSAMRT Executive Council. All applications are due by May 30th of each year and can be sent to

NSAMRT Awards Application Form

Jan Musselman Award of Excellence

This award is presented to a nominated individual who demonstrates genuine dedication to their profession and community. This dedication is exemplified in the promotion and advocacy of their profession; one who has encouraged, inspired, motivated and supported others to take leadership and volunteer roles. In addition, they have made valuable contributions to the greater community through volunteering and involvement, giving their time, energy and commitment to enhancing the lives of others.

Nominees for this award will be evaluated on the following criteria by the NSAMRT Board:

  • Minimum 5 years NSAMRT membership
  • Current NSAMRT membership
  • Profession-related volunteer experience at the provincial and/or national level
  • A Community based volunteer experience (Red Cross, Church groups, Coaching etc...)
  • Demonstrated history of a participatory role in supporting the promotion and inclusion of professional education
  • Proven professional leadership skills. As demonstrated through activities such as mentoring of colleagues and students
  • Being an example of respect, integrity, and professionalism
  • Being current and sharing association news and educational/volunteer opportunities
  • Promoting a positive, collaborative working environment

Jan Musselman was a true professional and steadfast advocate for medical radiation technologists. Throughout her 40+ year career, she volunteered on a tremendous number of education, departmental, provincial and national committees as well as being an active volunteer in her community. Jan loved to root out the strengths of others and encourage MRTs to challenge themselves, the status quo, and to actualize one's potential. This award is presented in her honor to an individual who exemplifies these qualities.

Award: Nova Scotia Crystal Vase

Professional Progress Award

Awarded to an MRT that demonstrates genuine dedication to education and research, the advancement in evidence-based practices, and lifelong learning. Minimum 3 years NSAMRT membership. All relevant supporting documents should be submitted with the application. Professional Progress Award applications will be reviewed by a panel of peers, selected by the Education Committee.

Must meet one or more of the listed criteria:

  • Conducted/participated/supported/promoted research and research studies in their field
  • Published work in a research study/or contributed to the publication, original article or literature review
  • Developed or participated in the development of new committees (i.e professional practice, quality assurance, etc) in their field
  • Participated in significant advances in practices, procedures or protocols in their field
  • Worked with disciplinary teams towards new areas of practice or new team roles
  • Had specialized training for new procedures/practices/protocols
  • Ongoing professional development through continuing educational activities and/or specialized training
  • History of presenting and/or lecturing at invited events
  • Displayed outstanding preceptor/mentorship and leadership in supervising, teaching and evaluating students or residents and colleagues
  • Development of an education program/teaching materials (refresher course, specialty course, student courses)

Award: Certificate and $500. Recipients will also be invited to present their research findings, where applicable, at an upcoming conference or education event.

Distinction in Patient Care Award

Presented to the MRT who demonstrates outstanding devotion to patient care. Minimum 3 years NSAMRT membership. Distinction in patient care award applications will be reviewed by a panel of peers, selected by the Education Committee.

Must meet one or more of the listed criteria:

  • Demonstrated extraordinary patient and family-centered care
  • Developed and sustains cooperative working relationships
  • Displayed critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Demonstrated exceptional skills in the delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients in their care
  • Facilitated collaboration and a positive working environment
  • Demonstrated safe and comforting experiences for patients and family in their care
  • Demonstrated innovation and follow through in improving workplace safety and/or work-flow
  • Displayed exemplary attention to patient safety and confidentiality
  • Illustrated excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Demonstrated efficient adaptation abilities in difficult situations

Award: Certificate and $250.

Young Professional Award

Awarded to the MRT that is just starting out in their career and is demonstrating a positive impact on the profession. Minimum 1-year NSAMRT membership. Young professional award applications will be reviewed by a panel of peers, selected by the Education Committee.

Must meet one or more of the listed criteria:

  • Involvement within the profession; such as being an active volunteer in NSAMRT, CAMRT, hospital/professional committees, etc
  • Has made significant contributions to the profession in said committees or associations
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development and lifelong learning and promotion of the profession
  • Demonstrated promotion of a positive and collaborative working
  • Has developed innovative methods for improving the morale of staff
  • Demonstrated exceptional patient and family-centered care
  • Minimum 1-year active member to a maximum 10 years

Award: Certificate and $250.

Nomination Process for all Awards:

  • Nominations may come from but are not limited to, peers, students, public, committee/association
  • All applications are due by May 30th of each year
  • Application forms can be found on our website, NSAMRT Awards Application Form
  • Please be sure to include any supporting documents, where applicable, along with your application.
  • Award recipients will be notified by April 1st each year and will be invited to attend the annual awards luncheon, for a formal presentation of the award.

President’s Conference Bursary

All applications are due by May 30th of each year

This bursary was established to provide financial assistance to members attending educational conferences related to their area of work. There is a maximum of two bursaries awarded annually in the amount of $500 to the applicants who will benefit most from attendance at the conference they have selected.

The competition is open to all members currently employed in the field of medical radiation technology except salaried employees of the Association and current Council members. Applicants must submit a letter to the Executive Council via outlining why the candidate is deserving of the bursary, including their name, address, discipline, employer, manager, years in the profession and a list of educational activities they have attended/participated in the last three years. Applicants must disclose all sources and amounts of financial support they will be receiving for the conference.

Judging is performed by the members of the Council with special consideration to those who have shown interest and participation in the NSAMRT, and continuing education and who have no funding available. Successful applicants will be notified by April 1st and the name will be announced at the Annual General Meeting, as well as provided to the department head/administrator of their institution.