About Us

About Us

Our Vision
The leader in regulating dynamic standards of competency and performance for the medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals who ensure Nova Scotians receive exceptional care.

Our Mission
Through defining and supporting ethical practice standards and continuous professional development, we instill public confidence and advance the profession.  

Our Values
Excellence: We are committed to defining and maintaining the standards of excellence required for high quality, evidence-informed care by competent MRT professionals.
Transparency: We are fair, open, and forthright in our processes.
Accountability: We protect the public interest by ensuring our profession is ethical and competent.
Collaboration: We work with internal and external stakeholders to improve practice and professional competency.

The Nova Scotia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (NSAMRT)  is the regulatory body for medical radiation technologists (MRTs) in Nova Scotia. Medical radiation technology is a regulated profession under Nova Scotia's Medical Radiation Technologists Act R.S., c. 280, s. 1. The mandate of the NSAMRT is to regulate the profession of medical radiation technology to serve and protect the public interest.

The NSAMRT regulates in the public interest by setting the entry to practice requirements for MRTs,  ensuring the continued currency of MRTs, and by addressing concerns from members of the public through the complaints and discipline process. Currently, NSAMRT has approximately 600 registered professionals in the fields of  Radiological Technology, Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine Technology & Magnetic Resonance Imaging.NSAMRT's website provides the public and employers easy access to the public registry of members allowing the sharing of important information about an MRTs professional registration status and disciplinary history. 

There are currently 22 health regulatory colleges in Nova Scotia that regulate to protect the public's right to safe, competent and ethical health care. Each college does this by holding its registered health care professionals accountable for their conduct and practice. The Nova Scotia  Regulated Health Professions Network (NSRHPN)  website is a one-stop gateway to the websites of all 22 of the province’s colleges. It provides trustworthy, relevant, and up-to-date information about the colleges and the health professionals they regulate.