About Us

The Nova Scotia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (NSAMRT) represents over 500 registrants in Nova Scotia in various fields of medical radiation technology(MRT). Technologists and therapists are involved in total patient management, from diagnosis to treatment, and directly influence patient outcomes. Many registrants of the association are also involved in important research and in public education on numerous current health care issues. There are primarily four divisions within the MRT field including, Radiological Technologists, Radiation Therapists, Nuclear Medicine Technologists & Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists.

NSAMRT's role is to increase the knowledge, ability and competence of its registrants; to improve the standards of practice of medical radiation technology so as to ensure the public receives services of proficient and competent medical radiation technologists of high ethical standards.

We strive to maintain and build your confidence in the NSAMRT and the MRT profession by:

  • setting standards for practice and ethical conduct,
  • registering only those MRTs who meet established education and practice standards
  • responding fairly to concerns and complaints raised about registrants' practice; and
  • supporting registrants’ continued competence.