Refresher Program

Radiological Technology - Refresher Program

Program Overview - Introduction

The NSAMRT is pleased to announce the completion of a Radiological Technology Refresher Program. The refresher program consists of an Academic Component and a Clinical Component with objectives based on CAMRT competency profiles. Both components must be completed within a twelve-month period. The NSAMRT Refresher Program in Radiological Technology provides an opportunity for radiological technologists who have not practiced for a (minimum) five-year period to re-attain professional competence. Prospective candidates should verify that successful completion of this refresher program meets the requirements of the provincial licensing body for re-instatement of professional certification.

Program Objectives Include:

  • Attain/demonstrate current knowledge in radiological technology procedures, patient management, operation of equipment, radiation health and safety, digital advances and patient care/ethics.
  • Re-orient to the healthcare environment and the role of the radiological technologist in the healthcare team.
  • Practice competently within the profession, meeting competencies as specified in the CAMRT Radiological Technology Competency Profile.
  • Value the importance of continuing professional development.

Below is a copy of the application checklist, application form, and fees. If you would like to apply or have any questions please contact NSAMRT.

Application Checklist

Application Form


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