Membership Information

Membership Information

Active 2018 members as of Apr 4 2018  

Current NSAMRT Members as of October, 2017  


Members who are requesting registration with the NSAMRT must complete the NSAMRT Application Form as well as the Online Registration Form.

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NSAMRT Application Form


Members who are required to reinstate are those who have resigned in good standing and those whose membership has been lapsed by reason of nonpayment of membership dues.
The fees are as follows: For those who have resigned - current years prorated dues. Plus prorated annual dues for technologists who have not resigned in good standing.
NSAMRT/CAMRT Reinstatement Form


Notification of intent to resign must be received at CAMRT office by January 1 otherwise the member will be considered to be delinquent.
NSAMRT Resignation Form

NSAMRT Reimbursement Form

NSAMRT Dues Refund Policy

Reinstatement Fee Policy