NSAMRT Executive Information

2017 Executive Board and Presidential Nominations

Welcome to the Members Only Section
Our members are made up of the following:

Active members- those who possess a diploma indicating the successful completion of the qualifying examination as set by the CAMRT, one who is an active member in good standing in any Society which has reciprocity with CAMRT, a person who has practiced in Nova Scotia as a medical radiation technologist for a period of three consecutive years prior to the passing of the Act, or a certified radiologist who has applied for membership.

Honorary life members-those persons intimately connected with radiation science and its application who the Council declares to honor for services and are elected by the Council.

Life members- are members who have rendered unusual service to the NSAMRT and who have served in an outstanding and distinguished manner as radiation technologists and are elected by Council.

Student members-are those persons enrolled in hospitals and institutions accredited by the CAMRT and will remain as student members until qualification. Associate members-those persons not active in the practice of medical radiation technology but who are engaged in commercial activity related to medical radiation technology.