Executive Council

Who is involved in the Executive Council

Executive Director / Registrar
Julie Avery, BSc, MHA, RTNM, CTIC

Julie has more than 25 years of MRT experience including roles as a clinical technologist, educator at Dalhousie University and her current role as NSAMRT Executive Director. She has been an active volunteer both at the provincial and national levels over the past ten years. She holds a strong belief in continuous professional development and evidence based practice which she has demonstrated in attaining her master's in Health Administration and participating in NSHRF and Health Canada research review and evaluation.

Professional Affiliations:



Phillips Award - CAMRT (2014)
The CCH - K.P. Richard Award - Dalhousie University MHA (2013)
Edward L. Roach Award - Dalhousie University MHA (2013)
Dr. Alan D. Thomson Award - Dalhousie University MHA (2013)
Dr. A. Peter Ruderman Award -- Dalhousie University MHA (2013)

Megan Brydon, BHSC, RTNM, MSc(c)

Megan has a real zeal for… well, a lot of things, but in particular all things MRT. She graduated from Dalhousie University School of Health Sciences with her BHSc in Nuclear Medicine Technology in 2007 and volunteered with the NSAMRT board in a variety of rolls since 2010. Currently working as a PACS administrator at the IWK, she is ecstatic about technology, healthcare and enabling others to build their professional profile.

Professional Affiliations:

NSAMRT (Finance Committee, Past Treasurer, Past Secretary, Past Member-at-large, Past Policy & Procedures Committee)
CAMRT (Nominations Committee, Young Professionals Advisory Council)
IWK Health Centre (Clinical Ethics Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Fun! Krew)
Techsploration (Role Model)
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine
Dalhousie University


KUDOS recognition award: Peer nomination, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, NS
CAMRT Certificate of Merit for essay: A Practical Evaluation of Lead Aprons: Evidence Based Radiation Protection for Nuclear Medicine Technology.
DRAXIMAGE Award, Radiologist Award, Dr. Robert H Martin Prize in Nuclear Medicine Technology, School of Health Sciences, Dalhousie University, May 2007
Heather Mattice Memorial Award, School of Health Sciences, Dalhousie University

Vice President
Chrissy Gamache, BHSc, RTR

Chrissy graduated the Dalhousie University/QEII School of Health Sciences in 2009. She has been lucky enough to work as a Radiological Technologist at the children’s hospital, the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, ever since. She co-chaired the 2012 NSAMRT conference and joined the Executive Council that same year. She also looks forward to her volunteer coordinator position at the 2016 CAMRT conference.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the Credentials Committee
Graduate of the Leadership Development Institute
NSAMRT Registrar since 2012

Nicole Deveau, RTR, CTIC

Nicole Deveau is a Medical Radiation Technologist currently working at Dartmouth General Hospital in general imaging and CT. She completed the radiography program at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON in 2006. She started her career in a small clinic in the North end of Toronto, moving on the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, ON and then to Headwaters Health Care Centre in Orangeville, ON. Wanting to be closer to home and family, she returned to Nova Scotia in 2003, filling a term position at Hants Community Hospital before finding a permanent position at Colchester Regional Hospital where she remained until joining a group of professionals in establishing a private CT and Ultrasound facility in Bedford where she was the VP of Clinical Operations.

Professional Affiliations:

NSAMRT (Secretary, Policies and Procedures Committee)
CAMRT (National Advisory Council- Conferences and Events, CTIC Program Committee, Course Review Panel)
Co-Chair 2016 CAMRT AGC

Stephanie Schofield, RTR

Stephanie is a Quality Control Technologist in the Central Zone of the Nova Scotia Health Authority. She has been in the central zone since 1998 starting at Dartmouth General Hospital performing general imaging and mammography. In 2002 she branched out into the wicked world of QC.
Stephanie graduated as an MRT from Halifax in 1991 and worked in Toronto until she missed real fog. Stephanie enjoys every aspect of her job from radiation assessments, image quality and reducing patient exposures. Her new passion is creating meaningful ways to examine the quality of work technologists do every day and trying to advocate for the patient when it comes to understanding appropriateness.

Professional Affiliations:

CAMRT professional practice advisory
QA Technical Committee
DI QA Committee
DI Accreditation Committee
Provincial DI QC Advisory Group
Provincial Breast Modality Working Group

Director of Volunteer Services
Cory McNeil, BSc, BHSc, RTNM, CTIC

Cory is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist practicing in the Eastern Zone at Cape Breton Regional Hospital. He earned a BHSc from Dalhousie University in 2012 and began practicing out of province. Upon returning home to Nova Scotia in 2013, he has volunteered locally (NSHA), provincially (NSAMRT) and nationally (CAMRT). Cory is passionate about continuing education and professional development. Having recently joined the NSAMRT Executive Council (2017) he is excited to give back to the MRT community.

Professional Affiliations

CAMRT Computed Tomography Imaging Certificate (2017)
Member of the NSAMRT Professional Conduct Committee (2016)
Educational Stream Co-Lead - Computed Tomography: CAMRT 2016 AGC
CAMRT Leadership Development Institute Graduate (2015)


Johnson Insurance Scholarship (2017)
Sisters of St. Martha Scholarship (2014)

Dave McAloney, BSc(MRS), RTT

Dave McAloney is a radiation therapist at the Nova Scotia Cancer Center. He earned his degree in health sciences with a specialization in medical radiation sciences at the University of Toronto. Dave also holds a diploma of health sciences in radiation therapy from the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. One of his professional accomplishments includes completing the didactic component of the specialization of medical dosimetry.

Jonathan Bower, BHSc, RTNM

Jonathan is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at the QEII Health Sciences Center is Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mr. Bower graduated from Dalhousie University in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology which included a specialty practice in PET/CT. Mr. Bower is dedicated the regulation of MRTs in Nova Scotia and has sat on the executive board of the Nova Scotia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (NSAMRT) since 2011.

Professional Affiliations:

Chair of the NSAMRT Professional Conduct Committee
Past-Comittee Laision Officer of the NSAMRT
Past- Director of Membership Services