To contact any of our committees please email committee chair directly or info@nsamrt.ca - ATTN: Committee Name

Education: shawnabaughman@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Shawna Baughman RTR

Communications: chrissygamache@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Chrissy Gamache, BHSc, RTR

By Laws: brandonhardy@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Brandon Hardy BHSc, RTNM

Credentials: lisabonin@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Lisa Bonin BHSc, RTNM

Nominations: chrisrogers@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Chris Rogers RTT

Policy and Procedure: julieavery@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Julie Avery MHA, BHSc, RTNM, CTIC

Professional Conduct: kellylawrence@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Kelly Lawrence RTR

Fitness to Practice 2016: stephanieschofield@nsamrt.ca
Chair: Stephanie Schofield RTR